DFour Games is a little independent game developer studio based in Sheffield, UK. Main target platforms are Linux, Mac & Windows. Studio started in 2010 by Bartosz Debski and the first project is Dark Gates.


Free comic book, permanent price drop & Desura.

Bag of MoneyIt's summer and I got some announcements to make. First one is that from now on comic book is available for everyone regardless do you own the game or not. Now you can download both English and Polish version from story page of Dark Gates website (click here). Enjoy !

Another big announcement is a permanent price drop across all the stores that Dark Gates is sold. Enjoy the new price which is 60% less than original starting price. Steam summer sale is over but new price is here to stay.

Many of you might heard about Desura. As the matter is still not resolved with the future of this platform, please do not purchase copies of Dark Gates or any game for that matter there as developers unlikely will see any money which has not yet been paid out. I have switched widget on Dark Gates page to IndieGameStand which also offers DRM free copy of the game, Gamers Gate also have DRM free packages. Please reedem all unused keys from Desura if you have them.

>> Get Dark Gates here <<

Last Updated on Monday, 29 June 2015 18:46

Dark Gates - Release 1.1

Release 1.1 is out and as promised, Dark Gates are now fully translated to Spanish. Apart from this there are few changes in the game that should make game more fluent.


First of them is a skull indicator for spells. If you select a hero to cast a spell and spell might kill him/her while doing so, there is a skull displayed near the spell icon. Also now, if spell cannot be used as it will cost more then a life of one who cast it, it will be greyed out.

Another change is in fight system. As one of the players pointed it out, there is lots of key presses when you fighting. This release makes it easier. If a hero have only one choice in which weapon can be used or there is only one monster to attach, selection will be automatic. This shortens the sequence and hopefully will make fight quicker.

If hero have more than one weapon to use (including magic), player will have to still select which option to go for. Same for more than one monster.

If you prefer to make all choices by yourself then you can do so by adding 'autoselect = 0' in settings.cfg


I'm happy to announce that Dark Gates are now available on IndieGameStand. Below you have a handy widget and shortly game will be visible in store.

Sale 40% off over Easter

From 4th of April till 6th Dark Gates is on sale across all the stores. Enjoy !!!

Release 1.1 (including 1.0.1)
New: Spanish translation
New: In fight, if only one weapon can be selected and/or one monster can be attacked, game does selection for the player. Can be switched off by adding 'autoselect = 0' in settings.cfg
New: Game can run without config fileNew: If spells are being selected while in fight, a skull left of spell icon, indicates that this spell can kill a hero if casted.
New: If spells are being selected while in fight, there is an indication which spell cannot be used ( no highlight, red text and fadeout spell icon)
bugfix: Game brakes if Fear spell is used

Last Updated on Friday, 03 April 2015 21:02

Steam release and more

Steam LogoSteam Release - It's available now !

On 13th of October 2013, Dark Gates has been greenlit for a release on Steam. After finally releasing version 1.0, now is the time that I have caught up with Steam as well. Steam version supports achievements, cards and cloud saves. I have to point out that if you still running a pure Linux 32bit system, achievements are not included (long story) but rest does.

Those who bought game directly or on Desura, Indie Royale, Daily Royale or Gamers Gate will receive Steam keys as soon this will be possible. Since 1.0 release a new bug has been found and Steam version is already patched but others are still pending. This is not a big one and will only affect players who found a Fear spell. If you did them don't try to use it :) 

Indie Twitch

Indie - Interview

I had a chat about Dark Gates with Indie on Twitch while he was playing the game. I had a great time trying to describe it to him and you can see an archive on YouTube too.  If you still don't know how to play Dark Gates, this video can be useful.

>> Enjoy 10% off on Steam till 2nd February  - Go to Steam store page <<

Update 26/01/15 21:00 : Desura & Direct Download also have Steam keys.

Update 26/01/15 15:44 : GamersGate now have Steam keys.

Last Updated on Monday, 26 January 2015 21:13
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