DFour Games is a little independent game developer studio based in Sheffield, UK. Main target platforms are Linux, Mac & Windows. Studio started in 2010 by Bartosz Debski and the first project is Dark Gates.


Steam release and more

Steam LogoSteam Release - It's available now !

On 13th of October 2013, Dark Gates has been greenlit for a release on Steam. After finally releasing version 1.0, now is the time that I have caught up with Steam as well. Steam version supports achievements, cards and cloud saves. I have to point out that if you still running a pure Linux 32bit system, achievements are not included (long story) but rest does.

Those who bought game directly or on Desura, Indie Royale, Daily Royale or Gamers Gate will receive Steam keys as soon this will be possible. Since 1.0 release a new bug has been found and Steam version is already patched but others are still pending. This is not a big one and will only affect players who found a Fear spell. If you did them don't try to use it :) 

Indie Twitch

Indie - Interview

I had a chat about Dark Gates with Indie on Twitch while he was playing the game. I had a great time trying to describe it to him and you can see an archive on YouTube too.  If you still don't know how to play Dark Gates, this video can be useful.

>> Enjoy 10% off on Steam till 2nd February  - Go to Steam store page <<

Update 26/01/15 21:00 : Desura & Direct Download also have Steam keys.

Update 26/01/15 15:44 : GamersGate now have Steam keys.

Last Updated on Monday, 26 January 2015 21:13

Dark Gates - Release 1.0

Dark Gates have finally reached gold! This is a road that have started almost five years ago. Developing a game alongside of full time job, being a dad/husband and everything in between was a challenge in it's own right but a great one. I would like to thank to all supporters who helped a lot in many aspects of development. So without further a do let's see what have been included in 1.0 release.


Finally a background story has been added. 

Persistent stats for heroes.

This is a big one. From gold release now all heroes stats are persistent. Let's say you have managed to destroy Dark Gates. Now you can save the game after that and start a new adventure with all the stats carried over from the last game. That also means that who has been killed, stays killed.

Additionally if your whole current party have been killed, this no longer means Game Over. If you choose you can continue current adventure with brand new team, assuming you got some heroes still alive :)

Critical hits and maximum hit while using weapons

Each hero while using a weapon can now score a Critical or Max hit. Critical is a 2x damage hit where Max is a maximum amount of damage by given weapon. Each hit will be indicated by a star and a sound queue while hitting an enemy.

Italian Translation

I'm happy to announce an official Italian translation for Dark Gates done by Agata Gubernat.

Italian translation


You love to mod games or are want to see how good you are with your graphic skills? Well Dark Gates can help you here. Game now supports complete theme overhaul. All you need is to copy default theme and start moding. Remember that all filenames needs to stay the same. Game will detect your theme and you will be able to chose it from the options menu.

Bug fixes and other stuff

A big number of bugs have been fixed. Please see change log below to see what has been fixed. Also a new weapon has been added - Mace. Quite deadly if you know how to use it (hint: mastery). Post info fight window is also now added after each fight. Now you can see exactly how much XP each heroes gained and what is your loot.

Post fight info

Steam Release

As of 12th of Oct 2014, Dark Gates have been geenlit on Steam. It means that whoever bought Dark Gates before, a key will be available for you (on your platform of choice) as soon Steam version will be available. When you ask? Well, this is my main focus now to get it out on Steam.

New Dark Gates web page

Best way to see what Dark Gates is about is to go to new official games website at http:/darkgates.dfourgames.com.


Release 1.0

New: Story Introduction
New: Persistent stats for heroes.
New: Post fight info
New: Continue adventure even if whole team is lost. Pick a new team. Ultimate game over is when all available heroes in game are dead.
New: Themes are now supported from options menu
New: Italian translation
New: Critical hits and maximum hit while using weapons
New: SFX for claws attack
New: Mace weapon
bugfix: If config.cfg is missing game will not start at first run even if config file has been created.
bugfix: Text overlap on confirmation of exit to main menu from party selection menu in French translation.
bugfix: If you want to reset loaded state, item status does not reset.
bugfix: Melee weapon can be chosen even if three is no adjacent enemies.
bugfix: Correct weapon highlight in fight if first line hero don't have adjacent enemies.
bugfix: After fight if you attacked friendly or scared monster, it will not get removed from map until team will move.
bugfix: missing blank space for secondary weapon if weapon is two handed.
bugfix: If Dark Gates are already placed on the map and game is saved, on return to the dungeon a new Dark Gates can appear if Mirror is explored again.
bugfix: Game crashes when Resurrection spell is being used and no heroes died in current fight.

Ps. Currently you can get Gold release from Desura and Direct Download. Gamers Gate should be this week.

Play Dark Gates

Last Updated on Monday, 05 January 2015 01:51

Dark Gates - Release 0.9.0

So here we are again. This it time for new release, last one before going gold. Finally some of the old issues has been tackled and whole game is now more consistent. Let's brake it down on what's new and what's changed.

How To Play

From the main menu you can now access a quick, crash course guide on how to play Dark Gates. This will explain the  most common questions about mechanics and what's the end goal. Such guide is a first part of adding more context in the game. While this is purely information for newcomers, second part will include story elements but that's left for version 1.0.

Revamped party selection menu

This is a big change on how you select a team. Grid with heroes avatars allows you for much quicker navigation and more clear selection of heroes. Scroll art assets also has been done from scratch to bring them up to 1080p resolution and to create more unified look with rest of the game. Some repositioning of navigation guides should help as well.

Party Menu

Dark Gates intro music

Błażej Grygiel - composed a Rock Edit version of Dark Gates original score done by Alex Perucci. Both versions you can hear on DFour Games Youtube Channel. You can also hear Rock Edit on the intro of Dark Gates.

Changelog - Release 0.9.0


New: How to play section to teach about mechanics of the game

New: Dark Gates intro music

Change: revamped party selection menu

Bugfix: Added select button info in party stats

Play Dark Gates on Desura or on Gamers Gate

Last Updated on Friday, 22 August 2014 00:28
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