Dark Gates alpha 0.1.3 released

Dark Gates 0.1.3 alpha is out. Changelog :

Bugfix: Win7 - in fight, game freezes randomly,
Bugfix: In fight, heroes names don't overlap other avatars on smaller resolutions,
Bugfix: Fixed Polish text rendering on few occasions,
Bugfix: In game Restart and return to main menu don't wait for animation to complete.'
Change: Harpie monster replaced with 'Blob'; Art for the Blob,
Update: New version of peace token when monster is not hostile,
New: Settings no longer need restart to be applied,
New: Art for Troll,
New: Linux x86_64 binary,
New: Windows version no longer needs external dll's.

Ps. OSX version will be ready next week.

Dark Gates alpha 0.1.2 released

Dark Gates 0.1.2 alpha is out. Changelog :


Bugfix: In fight first selected weapon is set to first available weapon
Bugfix: Dark Gates finally appears
Bugfix: Heroes can die while exploring labyrinth (eg. from traps)
Bugfix: failed bribe attempt results in fight
Bugfix: definite fix - game brakes if item exploration results in fight.
Bugfix: missing info on monster if monster is present with item already explored.

Linux specific:

Linux binary tested on Lubuntu, Arch, Slackware, Debian, OpenSUSE, Linux Mint

Known issues:

On Linux Arch game don't want to exit to system properly.

No fullscreen on OSX Lion

Win : After return to Main menu from game and selecting a "New Game" will brake game itself.

Dark Gates 0.1.1 alpha released

Dark Gates 0.1.1 alpha is out. Changelog :


Removal of heroes avatars, replaced with space holders. Issues with licensing.

bugfix: in fight, in team movement skip/end of this turn is now possible.

bugfix: clean game exit on intro screen

bugfix: game brakes if item exploration results in fight.

bugfix: game brakes in heroes selection screen, where heroes with 4 spells got 4 spells selected, and user trying to go to spell selection menu.

Linux specific:

Major problem with binary build.  Reported problems with starting a game on Debian based distros. New release tested with Mint, Fedora, Debian & Slackware (still problems with exit)

Dark Gates new release 0.1.1 alpha soon

By the end of the week new version of Dark Gates will be released. 0.1.1 alpha will got few bug fixes already reported and major change in Heroes avatars. Author of  originals didn't agree to be part of the game under current license so it will be replaced with new ones. Hopefully you like them. Follow on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Dark Gates alpha release 0.1

I'm thrilled to announce a release 0.1 alpha of Dark Gates. There is a dedicated website as well. Please bare in mind that is a first release and this is alpha stage. Lot's of stuff missing and game may have some bugs. Have fun.

Facebook & Twitter pages

Hi, So as I'm finally closing on alpha release, I decided to put up a Facebook & Twitter page to the public. Please check it out to see Kronk.

Dark Gates dev progress

In case you wonder how Dark Gates are shaping up, all is well. I'm doing finishing touches on map generation and after that what's left is a fighting system to implement. I'm hoping to finish it till the end of the year so I can finally go into alpha stage and make sure that all intended features are there. Game is tested in the meantime so alpha stage here is more feature freeze than anything. As soon it will be possible , I will post a video with game features to get the idea of the game itself.


In 2005 I was helping create a StormWar game. I was doing 3D  models and designing an UI for this game. Project died (author and programer decided to do something else). I still got all models. It was done in Blender, models are lowpoly. If you want to see this game in action, it can be downloaded from link above.




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