This is another artwork from my past. It has been created for Tibia MMO contest (fan site) .  Free for non-commercial work.

Sandworm by Braqoon on DeviantArt


Free Tileset

I decided to release my space themed tile set which I intended to use on my project. Feel free use it for non-commercial projects.

Tile set can be downloaded from here.

Space Station Tileset by Braqoon on DeviantArt


Old 3D art

So as i promised there is some old stuff to be seen. Below  you can see my first steps in world of 3D, it was more than 10 years ago. Looking on that now, reminds me days and nights spent in front of computer playing with 3D Studio max v3. On top of that there a few animations, which i'm kinda still proud of after all that time. That's for next time.

Old stuff

Hi, I just found some my old stuff(games, 3d gfx) from 2001 and before that. I will try to publish what i can, so stay tuned.

Dark Gates - something to show

First video from Dark Gates. You can see menu screen and some of dungeon crawling. Map is self generated so every time you play the game dungeon will be completely as map is created as you play.

Dark Gates from Bartosz Debski on Vimeo.

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