Dark Gates 0.2.1 release heads up

New release 0.2.1 is near. There is a good number of bug fixes and lots of art updates and hey Dark Gates will finally have some animations. There is no new features planned hence only a 0.2.1 which is focusing mainly on improvements. There is still missing 'save system' but please bear with me as this is not just simple save & load. There is more to it and hopefully it will be out with 0.3.0 release, which will make  on that point Dark Gates feature complete (all my original design). After that I have already planned a lots of new features like gamepad support, static maps and even map editor (separate program).

One more thing. With 0.2.1 release I would like to also introduce a limited edition purchase of DG. If you decide to support Dark Gates by purchasing Limited Edition you can become a hero in Dark Gates complete with your avatar for all to see.  More info to come so stay tuned.

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