Dark Gates alpha 0.1.2 released

Dark Gates 0.1.2 alpha is out. Changelog :


Bugfix: In fight first selected weapon is set to first available weapon
Bugfix: Dark Gates finally appears
Bugfix: Heroes can die while exploring labyrinth (eg. from traps)
Bugfix: failed bribe attempt results in fight
Bugfix: definite fix - game brakes if item exploration results in fight.
Bugfix: missing info on monster if monster is present with item already explored.

Linux specific:

Linux binary tested on Lubuntu, Arch, Slackware, Debian, OpenSUSE, Linux Mint

Known issues:

On Linux Arch game don't want to exit to system properly.

No fullscreen on OSX Lion

Win : After return to Main menu from game and selecting a "New Game" will brake game itself.

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