Dark Gates Release 0.2.0

Finally release 0.2.0 is here. This is a last free alpha release. Next versions of the game will be available via Desura as part of the alpha funding project. I would like to thank you all for your support and hopefully 0.2.0 will convince you to support future development at Desura.

Alpha funding is there to make sure that Dark Gates can be finally released and provide a quality content. So what to expect in near future from DG ?

  • I have planned a "save system", static maps support and with static maps support maybe some online leaderboards,
  • Map editor for fully and semi static maps, "save team" - where you can choose previously assembled teams and more,
  • Support for more languages
  • Finishing, refining all the missing art and animations.

Bare in mind that those are plans and please don't take them for granted but still this is the stuff that i want to include in this game either as a part of the official release or some post release DLC.

Now what's new :

New: Art for Skeleton, Black Knight, Socrcerer, Phantom, Medusa, Gargoyle
New: Defensive spells while in fight (Heal, Blessing, Magic Armour, Strenght, Magic Shield)
New: Spells for Monsters (Unnamed, Socrerer)
New: Background music for menu, main game & battle
New: Sound effects
New: In fight phase indicator(text)
Change: Credits menu.
Bugfix: Damage animation taken from traps is more constant.
Bugfix: Selection in team stats menu is being cleared on re-entry.
Bugfix: Screen is not being redrawn after a fight with a 'friendly' monster
Bugfix: Game now will finally play without a sound card or when sound somehow is broken in the system

Dark Gates also now how a cover art :

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