Dark Gates - Release 0.3.1

Today release 0.3.1 is out. This is a small release mostly with art updates and small bug fixes. There is one new feature -  Experience points. From now on, each fight or trap in the doors will contribute to experience counter of each hero. That update is a small step towards save system which is the next milestone. Possibly there will be more releases in 0.3.x branch but this will not affect work on 0.4 one. Enjoy.

Changelog :

New: Avatars for : Ravon-tith, Weldron, Sliggoth

New: Hero : Ravon-tith

New: Experience points

Change: Currency sign replaces 'Cost' in descriptions

Change: Balance tweaks in normal difficulty mode

Bugfix: Polish language - spells descriptions don't go out the parchment frame

Bugfix: In Fight - Spells menu selection is not just a grey rectangle


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PS. To all Mac users. There is no update 0.3.x update yet. I lost access to my build machine and possibly there will be big delays or no update for now. Sorry for inconvenience.

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