Dark Gates - release 0.4.2

Update 0.4.2 brings big art update, number of new features, bug fixes and improvements based on feedback. As mentioned in earlier releases, current work is focused on bringing in missing art and making sure there is no game braking bugs. So let's shed some light on what this release has to offer.


Finally all heroes have avatars. No longer black & white generic faces. Each hero's avatar has been hand drawn and only piece of art that is missing now in Dark Gates is heroes representations in fight screen. This is aimed to be done within next release. Also please welcome a new hero - Matthias. He is a unique character as this is only hero that have a single weapon. His longsword requires two hands, but damage is grater that regular one handed sword. Matthias is a winner of competition, please make sure he is well used in game as he needs some practice.


This release also features new German translation by Thomas Faust. Work also has been done to open language files to anyone who wants to contribute and translate Dark Gates to his/her native language. For quick tutorial please go here

Bug fixes & speed improvements based on feedback

Thanks to your feedback, reviews and some testing, three quite big bugs has been fixed. Hopefully that means no more crashes to OS. I had lot's of feedback about how slow main exploration of labyrinth is. With this release speed of movement has been increased so exploration is now much faster. Of course feedback on this change is also much appreciated.


As there seems to be now season for sales, Dark Gates  will be not left behind. Game is 50% off till the end of July. Have a great summer.


Full changelog for release 0.4.2 alpha
New: All remaining heroes now have avatars.
New: Hero Matthias - Winner of competition.
New: Longsword (two-handed) weapon.
New: Community based language files now can be used, see HOWTO.txt in lang folder.
New: German translation
Bugfix: Stairs down on level 3 are wrongly placed ( there is nothing down past level 3) 
Bugfix: Game crash while in fight when heroes attack
Bugfix: Re-done language selection in options in order to support user-generated translations
Bugfix: Game will start without settings.cfg file and will use default settings

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