Dark Gates - release 0.5.0

In the latest release of Dark Gates you can find new look in fight arena, full gamepad support and more. Let's start with most obvious change which is art change in fight arena. As you can see below, top down view is changed to isometric-ish view with brand new art for floor and heroes avatars are finally starting to appear. There was also much confusion in 'team movement' phase on what to do if game is not allowing to skip it. Now if your are in movement phase (fight) there will be a red Celtic looking cross showing which positions must be filled before ending this phase.

Gamepad Support

Big feature of this release is a gamepad support. If you got an gamepad with at least d-pad and 6 buttons, game should support it as long your OS does. With this there is also a change in game UI, where depending on your input device you will see button icons. If you got gamepad is plugged in, game by default choose to show gamepad mappings (x360 type controller).  Dark Gates has been tested successfully with official and 3rd party x360/PC wired controllers, PS3 3rd party wired controllers and old school PC Logitech Wingman Precision.


Adjustments in Upgrade department.

While testing new release it came out that current upgrade levels are quite high. Release 0.5.0 brings much lover upgrades, starting from 30xp and 80 gold for first level, and then 40xp and 80 gold for another two.


Three game crashing bugs has been squashed. One has been found thanks to gamerslonovod on Desura. Many thanks for detailed info. Hopefully this is a last of those nasty bugs in Dark Gates.


Changelog - Release 0.5.0


New: Gamepad support

New: Visual indicator of which positions have to be occupied in team movement phase while in fight

New: In fight avatars: Almuryk, Braqoon, Draugr, Gilith, Lordil, Zareth

New: Button icons in UI instead of text

Change: New look of fight arena

Change: Lower upgrade price to enhance heroes.

Bugfix: Game is trying to load an empty slot in Continue menu

Bugfix: Game crash while exploring labyrinth - map generation script.

Bugfix: Game crash while trying to continue a saved game and game tries to display spells in player selection menu but one of the spell is not in default selection (eg. Resurrection)

Bugfix: In save game menu, going back from typing name of the save game takes you back to main menu.

Bugfix: Game crash while in team movement while attempting to swap heroes in positions.

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