Free comic book, permanent price drop & Desura.

It's summer and I got some announcements to make. First one is that from now on comic book is available for everyone regardless do you own the game or not. Now you can download both English and Polish version from story page of Dark Gates website (click here). Enjoy !

Another big announcement is a permanent price drop across all the stores that Dark Gates is sold. Enjoy the new price which is 60% less than original starting price. Steam summer sale is over but new price is here to stay.

Many of you might heard about Desura. As the matter is still not resolved with the future of this platform, please do not purchase copies of Dark Gates or any game for that matter there as developers unlikely will see any money which has not yet been paid out. I have switched widget on Dark Gates page to IndieGameStand which also offers DRM free copy of the game, Gamers Gate also have DRM free packages. Please reedem all unused keys from Desura if you have them.

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