IndieGameStand - Stolen keys

Hi All, sadly I had to revoke a lot of keys that have been activated recently. All those keys came from a batch of key supplied to IndieGameStand which is no longer operating. Those keys have been sold without my knowledge. If your key have been banned and revoked, please do get in touch with me and please tell me from which source you got your key.

Desura, Gamers Gate &  Indie Gala keys are not affected.

If you in the past bought Dark Gates directly from IndieGameStand please get in touch with me ASAP. If you prove that game have been legitimately purchased from there, I will issue you a new key. 


As much I would like you all to have Dark Gates, DFour Games will not allow for such things to continue.

Please contact your source for refund unless you purchased from IndieGameStand then DFour Games will look into this.

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